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can’t say this is how I pictured senior year at all but I also can’t say I’m still mad at you for it because it shouldn’t matter and I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuUckK

tempt-ation-s asked
ur sex-c and hawt and kool Luv u


Lol at the number of guys that have come out to me since like November

Anonymous asked
I feel like being bi would be so cool. Youre basically attracted to all hot people i dont see a problem with that im kinda jealous actually

A lot of people say that. I don’t like it just because I always want the other when I’m with one. Also because it doesn’t matter if I’m still attracted to girls to a lot of people like they’ll still dislike me because I’m not straight. Like just because I’m out now doesn’t mean I’m gonna hit on you… I haven’t for the past three years and nothing’s changed? And usually girls are weirded about by that and and really wanna hook hook up/date. But yeah I guess for me there are twice the number of hot people.